OCZ Releases RevoDrive Hyrbid

Written by John Ponio    Wednesday, 31 August 2011 15:32

RevoDrive HybridEver wish you could have speed and storage capacity when it comes to your hard drive? Well, with the RevoDrive Hybrid, you can have those two in sweet, sweet combination. OCZ announced the drive back in June, but it's finally released. Basically it combines a 1TB hard disk drive, 100GB solid state drive, PCIe interface, and a fancy controller to bring bandwidth up to 910MB/s with 120,000 IOPS, all for $499.99. Ryan Peterson, CEO of OCZ, said, "The RevoDrive Hybrid leverages the best attributes of both solid state drives and traditional hard drive technology to deliver dynamic data-tiering on a single easy to deploy PCIe storage drive. Leveraging Dataplex software to efficiently manage frequently accessed data delivers superior performance and capacity, making the RevoDrive Hybrid the ideal solution for high performance computing and media content creation." Check out the press release here.