Crucial Releases m4 SSD Firmware Upgrade

Written by John Ponio    Monday, 29 August 2011 15:31

Crucial Logo

Crucial has recently released a firmware update for their m4 SSD line that, according to Tomshardware, gives up to a 20% performance boost in sequential read speeds. As SSDs pretty much depend on firmware for performance, upgrading is highly recommended. It's an .iso file that you download, burn to a DVD, and install. I believe Windows has a built-in .iso burner, but if you have problems or want a better program, check out ImgBurn. It's free, and is actually pretty awesome. Download the firmware here.

  • Changes made in version 0002 (m4 can be updated to revision 0009 directly from either revision 0001 or 0002)
  • Improved throughput performance.
  • Increase in PCMark Vantage benchmark score, resulting in improved user experience in most operating systems.
  • Improved write latency for better performance under heavy write workloads.
  • Faster boot up times.
  • Improved compatibility with latest chipsets.
  • Compensation for SATA speed negotiation issues between some SATA-II chipsets and the SATA-III device.
  • Improvement for intermittent failures in cold boot up related to some specific host systems.