GameStop Pulls Deus Ex: Human Revolution PC Version from Shelves

Written by John Ponio    Thursday, 25 August 2011 15:36


Deus Ex: Human Revolution Logo

ArsTechnica recently came out with an article claiming that GameStop was opening PC copies of Deux Ex: Human Revolution and removing the OnLive coupon for a free online copy. For those of you who don't know, OnLive is a cloud-based games service, where all of the processing for the game is done on their servers while the game plays on your screen with your controls. Square Enix included a free OnLive coupon for the game in every boxed copy of DXHR, but because GameStop plans to launch its own cloud-based games service they didn't want to help their competition. News of this happening spread like wildfire across the internet, and people everywhere were outraged. In response, GameStop is reportedly pulling every copy of DXHR and told Square Enix that they will not sell any more copies unless they receive boxes without the coupons in them. I don't see how this will help GameStop's business at all, though. Unless someone had a fondness for GameStop (for some reason or another), why would they buy the game there and not get the free OnLive game when you could go somewhere else and get the coupon for the same price? Sense? This makes none. Here's an image of the original e-mail telling GameStop's employees to pull the coupon out of boxed copies:

Gametop's DXHR OnLive E-Mail