Windows 8 to Have More Support for USB 3.0

Written by John Ponio    Tuesday, 23 August 2011 16:37

Microsoft Logo

In a recent blog post, Microsoft's Steven Sinofsky said that Windows 8 will have a larger focus on USB 3.0 than Windows 7 currently has.

One of the important roles Windows plays as part of a broad ecosystem is developing support for new hardware. This is a pretty involved process and so for this post we wanted to take a look at supporting USB 3.0, something we know everyone is anxious to be using because of the improvements it brings. This is also our first video post – we aimed for "engineering" videos and not high production values but I think we make our point (note videos are embedded in HTML5 and available for download). If you're like me when looking at the video, you might think that those file copy progress indicators are looking a bit dated…stay tuned. This post was authored by Dennis Flanagan, the Director of Program Management for the Devices and Networking group. –Steven

You can watch their new video and see all of the charts about USB 3.0 in the blog post.