Spire Releases Swirl Cylinder CPU Cooler

Written by John Ponio    Friday, 10 June 2011 14:25

Spire Swirl HSF

New from Spire Corp, a maker of all sorts of computer peripherals, is an intriguingly-designed CPU cooler. Instead of many rectangular fins, this uses fins on a swirl. I assume the swirl uses some funky math to increase surface area, and thus increase cooling. While it's coated to protect from oxidation, the base is all copper and the fins are aluminum. Because it's cylindrical, the fan must be mounted on the top. Speaking of the fan, it has 4 bright red LED's in it. It's compatible with sockets 775/1156/1366 for Intel and AM2/AM3/940/939 for AMD. AM3 and AM3+ have the same socket size, so if you buy this for an AM3 board but will be upgrading to an AM3+ board when Bulldozer comes out, you'll be set. Check out the product page here for more pictures and information, and buy it for $52.99 USD from the usual places.

Main Features:
* Three (3) 8mm all copper U-shaped copper heat-pipes
* Straight lined heat-pipes allowing air to easily pass through

* All-directional 45 aluminum fins for best surface rate

* Dark-Nickel coated heat-sink to preserve killer looks from oxidation
* Vertical 7.5cm long 9 blade red LED Ball-bearing DC fan
* Manual fan (RPM) speed control unit included

* PCI controller allows user to manually set RPM from 800~2000RPM

* High Quality, Long MTBF Japanese No.1 Ball bearing

* Supports Intel 1155/1156 & 1366 sockets and AM2/AM3 sockets

* 5 Year supported manufacturer warranty