Netflix Adds Quality Stages to Save on Bandwidth, Only for Canadian Users

Written by John Ponio    Tuesday, 29 March 2011 15:29

Netflix Logo

Many broadband providers in Canada make bandwidth caps for users, much to the chagrin of the users. Because streaming Netflix movies and shows for 30 hours could suck up as much as 70GB when it's HD quality and generally as much as 30GB when not-HD quality, that's a big problem for Canadian streamers. To help them out, Netflix has added an option (sadly only for Canadian users) to limit the quality of the stream. There are now three options: "Good" that streams 0.3GB/hour, "Better" that streams 0.7GB/hour, and "Best" that streams 1.0GB/hour for non HD content and 2.3GB/hour for HD content. If you're a Canadian subscriber, look for the Manage Video Quality page under Your Account. Check out the blog post here.

Image Credit: Maximum PC