Firefox 4 Release Date Set (Hopefully)

Written by John Ponio    Wednesday, 16 March 2011 16:13

Firefox Logo

Firefox has been coming out with all sorts of betas, and finally released an RC the other day. Well, since no major problems have yet been found with the RC, Damon Sicore is hoping to release the RC and Firefox 4 on the 22nd of this month. March 22 has been confirmed as a good date by both Mozilla's marketing department as well as their IT department, and Sicore said that unless a problem should present itself, in which case they'll release RC2 as soon as possible and get a new date, they will release Firefox 4 RC1 as Firefox 4. He posted the message yesterday, and I'm curious as to whether or not he was waiting for IE9 to launch to put out a date. If you want to download the release candidate, head on over here to download.