Apple Negotiating Unlimited Downloads for Purchased Music

Written by John Ponio    Friday, 04 March 2011 15:56

Apple Logo

I normally try to keep out of Apple news as this is a hardware website and Apple is well-known for trying to keep people out of their computers, but lately Apple has been doing some awesome things in the music industry and I think they deserve some recognition. The latest thing is that Apple is negotiating with major record labels to allow iTunes to give people unlimited downloads of music they already purchased. Currently if you buy a song from iTunes and something tragic happens, such as a hard drive failure, you have to buy the song again even though you already purchased it. What Apple is trying to do is link that song to your account so you can download it at any time over and over and over. Another thing it would enable you to do is to download it to your (Apple) mobile devices wherever you are. Essentially it would put your iTunes-purchased music collection in the "cloud" and let you access it wherever you can log into your iTunes account.