Comcast-NBC Merger Rules Helps Protect the Internet

Written by John Ponio    Monday, 28 February 2011 16:08

Comcast Logo

The Comcast-NBC merger seems to be happily coming along. The latest update from the Department of Justice, who are regulating to prevent a trust, among other things, from forming, is that Comcast agreed not to block Netflix on their network, and NBC had to provide their shows through means such as iTunes. The sad thing is that the DoJ never made Comcast agree that they could not throttle services, like Netflix (insert any internet-requiring service), if they viewed it as something that was hampering their network. Banning the services altogether is illegal, though, as the FCC's net neutrality rules stipulate. Those rules, however, are in court right now. This is a nice step toward net neutrality, as it prevents Comcast (a major US ISP) from stopping internet-based services altogether. However, if Comcast participates in the act of throttling competitor's services, there's a problem (in my mind, anyway). Time will only tell how this will all play out, and I hope the consumer wins.