Apple Taking the Lead in Higher Music Quality

Written by John Ponio    Tuesday, 22 February 2011 14:34

Apple Logo

Currently, most songs that you'd download from iTunes or the like are encoded in 16 bit, while they are recorded in the studio in 24 bit. The drop is partly due to the fact that most music players can't play 24 bit sound as they are, but it also helps with file size. Apple has been talking to major studios to try to get them to release the songs in their full 24 bit quality. Jimmy Lovine said, “We’ve gone back now at Universal, and we’re changing our pipes to 24 bit. And Apple has been great. We’re working with them and other digital services – download services – to change to 24 bit. And some of their electronic devices are going to be changed as well. So we have a long road ahead of us." But, as stated by Shawn Layden of Sony, most people don't care about sound quality. “The challenges of music right now – I don’t think the primary one is a quality issue. Music lovers worldwide are mostly keen right now on the convenience of access – make it easier for me to have.” Personally, I want the highest quality music I can get to be available. I may not always need quality that only extreme audiophile gear can use, but it's nice to have available.