OCZ Says It Is First SSD Manufacturer to use 2Xnm Process

Written by John Ponio    Wednesday, 16 February 2011 17:18

OCZ Logo

OCZ, who recently left the DRAM market to pursue SSD production, announced yesterday that it is the first manufacturer to move to the 2Xnm NAND flash storage. Ryan Petersen, CEO of OCZ Technology Group, said, "OCZ is constantly exploring ways to not just advance solid state drive design but also make the technology more affordable, while maintaining high performance and reliability standards. We are excited to complete the transition to the next generation 2Xnm NAND components which reiterates our strategy of producing high performance SSDs at the most attractive price point available for consumer applications." While they will start selling the new 25nm drives, they will continue to sell the previous 32nm drives as well. This is important because there have been some major problems reported with the new 25nm drives. I have not personally used the drives so I can not say for certain whether these claims are true, but PC Mag is a very trusted source for information. As the article says, OCZ is offering a replacement program that, if you pay the difference in cost, will allow you to receive a 32nm drive if you have bought a 25nm drive.