Intel Adds the 310 SSD Series to their Lineup

Written by John Ponio    Tuesday, 15 February 2011 18:03

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Using the same controller as the X-25M SSD series, the 310 SSD series bring a 40GB and 80GB drive to anextremely small form factor. A handy performance chart, taken from techreport, shows all the numbers. These seem like some good drives, and I'll be interested to see how companies use the small form factor to fit more storage into small places. As we reported back in December, the 40GB drive will cost $99 while the 80GB drive will cost $179.

40GB 310 80GB 310 X25-V 40GB X25-M 80GB
Sustained Reads 170MB/s 200MB/s 170MB/s 250MB/s
Sustained Writes 35MB/s 80MB/s 35MB/s 70MB/s
4BK Random Reads 25k IOps 35K IOps 25k IOps 35k IOps
4KB Random Writes 2.5k IOps 6.6k IOps 2.5k IOps 6.6k IOps
Idle Power 75 mW 75 mW 75 mW 75 mW
Active Power 150 mW 150 mW 150 mW 150 mW