Plethora of Information About Battlefield 3 Released

Written by John Ponio    Wednesday, 09 February 2011 17:24

Battlefield 3 Logo

Over the past couple days there has been more and more information coming out, and a recent article by Game Informer gives us a ton more. Here is a list of (as far as I know) the most up-to-date information.

  • Release is being planned for Q4 20011
  • They've had the idea for Battlefield 3 in mind for a long time, but now technology has caught up with their idea
  • Lighting looks to be fantastic, with one lighting probe containing more information than an entire level of Bad Company 2
  • Level destruction is still there, will be "believable," but everything should be destructible
  • Player animations will use ANT, the same that EA Sports uses
  • AI and multiplayer characters will have different animation sets
  • Animation realism is a focus
  • They captured their own war sounds at different distances, which will hopefully help realism
  • Post-release content will be available more quickly
  • There will be more unlocks than Bad Company 2
  • They're working on a middle-ground of character customizations and not having "pink rabbit hat(s)"
  • There will be 4 classes. Squads will be discussed "later"
  • They can't discuss a theater mode but it's being looked into
  • Co-op will be in the game
  • Kill-cam can be enabled or disabled
  • The development team for Battlefield 3 is almost twice as big as the team was for Bad Company 2
  • The pacing of the single player will have highs and lows
  • The F-word will be used quite often, so an M-rating from the ESRB is expected
  • A significant narrative for the single player
  • More settings so you're not stuck in the Middle East for the entirety of the game
  • The PC version is the lead. It will have up to 64 player multiplayer, while the consoles are stuck with 24 player
  • No mod tools at release because they are "too complex"
  • It will not be based off of Bad Company 2 as it is an original story