Department of Justice Wants ISPs to Retain User Data for 2 years

Written by John Ponio    Wednesday, 26 January 2011 16:42

Department of Justice Logo

If you watch a lot of cop shows, you no-doubt know that phone records help them catch the bad guys. Well, the Department of Justice wants to apply that thinking to internet records. They wants ISPs to retain the data that they already use for up to two years. The DoJ says that often times they can't follow their leads fast enough, and the ISP deletes the information they need. ISPs collecting data for every user may seem absurd, but they already do this to an extent. The .pdf they released online makes it seem like the data retention the DoJ wants is what the ISPs already collect, and they just want them to hold it longer. "Data retention is not primarily about collecting additional data that is not already collected.  Most responsible providers are already collecting the data that is most relevant to criminal and national security-related investigations.  In many cases, they have to collect it in order to provide service to begin with.  In other cases, they collect it for the company’s security, or to research how their service is being used.  They simply do not retain that data for periods that are sufficient to meet the needs of public safety." Of course there is a big privacy debate, which is sure to rage on. Be sure to check out the whole .pdf to see what the DoJ is actually wanting, as there's big room for bias in this.