Samsung Testing First DDR4 DRAM with 30nm Class Process

Written by John Ponio    Wednesday, 05 January 2011 16:56

Samsung DDR4

Last month, Samsung released 1.2V 2GB DDR4 UDIMM (unbuffered dual in-line memory modules) to controller companies for testing, and now they're announcing that they're in the process of completing JEDEC standardization of DDR4 technologies by the end of this year. This new memory uses only half the power of current DDR3 RAM using Samsung's new Pseudo Open Drain (POD) technology. With the 30nm process, the RAM will be able to run between 1.6Gbps to 3.2Gbps, far faster than today's average of 1.6Gbps for DDR3 and 800Mbps for DDR2. Read the full press release here.