PC Gamers Win Against Console Gamers Yet Again

Written by John Ponio    Friday, 31 December 2010 13:35

Bad Company 2: Vietnam Logo

As you probably know, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam came out earlier this month. When it was released, DICE started a competition to see who could perform 69 million team actions first between PCs, PS3s, and Xbox 360s (team actions are things like repairing vehicles, spotting, healing, reviving, etc.). Because Vietnam was released later on the consoles than the PC, the started counting when it came out for the consoles. Well, the PC gamers won, by a large margin. Either of the consoles were only halfway or less there by the time the PC gamers finished. The reward, by the way, was a remastered version of Operation Hastings from Battlefield: Vietnam. Of course, all platforms will get the map when they reach 69 million team actions. Head on over here to see how the Xbox 360 and PS3 players are doing currently, and here to see an image of when the PC Gamers reached the goal.