Dropbox 1.0 Brings Selective Sync and 50% Lower Memory Usage

Written by John Ponio    Friday, 17 December 2010 16:45

Dropbox Logo

Dropbox, the massively popular file-syncing-between-computers program, has gotten up to 1.0, bringing along with it selective syncing as well as 50% lower memory usage. They also redid the client-side syncing program to provide faster syncing between computers. Selective syncing, one of the new features, allows the user to select what folders sync to which computer. This is useful if you have something with a small HD such as a mobile phone, tablet, or netbook. Check out the press release here, and head on over to the official website to download the new version. If you just sign up for a free account, they'll give you 2GB of syncing space for free.