Leading PC Companies to Phase out Analog Display Interfaces

Written by John Ponio    Thursday, 09 December 2010 17:26

Intel Logo

In an effort to phase out VGA and other legacy video interfaces in favor of more power-efficient and better-looking display interfaces, leading PC companies such as Dell, AMD, Intel, Lenovo, Samsung LCD and LG Display announced yesterday that they'll begin an initiative to adopt DisplayPort and HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) into their products instead of legacy interface such as LVDS (low voltage differential signaling technology) and VGA (Video Graphics Array). As laptops and desktops are getting better displays, better interfaces are needed to handle them. With VGA, it takes more room and more power to provide less quality than DisplayPort or HDMI can give. AMD plans to start phasing these out in 2013, and have HDMI or DisplayPort in all of their products by 2015. For those who have old monitors or projectors that only accept VGA, you're in luck. DisplayPort supports VGA (with adapters, of course). More on this can be read here.