Firefox Co-Founder Calls Apple, Microsoft, and Google Evil

Written by John Ponio    Monday, 29 November 2010 16:04

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In a recent blog post, co-founder of the Spread Firefox project and member of Mozilla's leadership team Asa Dotzler claimed companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Google were being "evil" because they sneak plugins from their programs (Google Earth, iTunes, and Microsoft Office are some of the ones he claims do that) into Firefox without even so much as telling you. He goes on to compare these plugins to Trojan horses and, depending on how you define it, he's spot on. Companies like this, as he says, really should ask to install the plugins instead of doing it without alerting you. Or at least give an option to not install them. Some might say it's in the interest of the average consumer that they're intalled, but honestly the least they could do is ask if you want to install it.