FiOS Just Got Faster

Written by John Ponio    Monday, 22 November 2010 17:44

Verizon FiOS Logo

So FiOS got and upgrade. It now can get speeds of up to 150Mbps down and 35Mbps up. With this speed, Verizon claims you can "download a two-hour, standard-definition movie (1.5 gigabytes) in less than 80 seconds, and a two-hour HD movie (5 GB) in less than four and a half minutes. Downloading 20 high-resolution photographs (100 megabytes) would take less than five and a half seconds using the 150/35 Mbps service. With the 35 Mbps upstream speed, consumers can upload those same 20 high-resolution photos in less than 23 seconds." But the thing is, at these speeds the speed of download will be throttled by the upload speed of whatever server you're trying to access. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I doubt any servers you'd regularly be accessing could give you speeds that high. What this would be good for is hosting servers yourself, because it gives you a lot of bandwidth for people to use up. For the lucky ones among you who have FiOS available at their house, the catch with this ridiculously fast speed is price. For a required 1-year contract with a voice plan (required to get this price), it's $194.99 a month. Yowzers.