Nvidia Done with Chipsets

Written by John Ponio    Monday, 15 November 2010 17:17

Nvidia Logo

"We are not building any more chipsets, we are building SoCs now. We are building Tegra SoCs, and so we are going to take integration to a new level. [...] The chipset business [has] not grown largely this year because we have not really been expanding the sales of it," said CEO of Nvidia Jen-Hsun Huang. SoCs, SoC meaning system-on-a-chip, have recently become very popular, particularly in the mobile arena. The advantages of SoCs are that it allows the systems to be smaller as well as more efficient, because all of things like the microrprocessor, memory blocks like ROM and RAM, external interfaces like USB or Firewire, and many more things are on the same circuit. Nvidia is confident that their current chipsets will continue to sell well into the next fiscal year. He said, "On the AMD side, our AMD chipset remains quite well positioned. My sense is that our chipset there will continue to ship throughout next year. The second thing is the MCP89, the latest and the last generation of Intel chipset that we built was just a really wonderful piece of engineering and the work that we did with Apple was great, and they are going to continue to use that for some time. So, I think that the tail off is just going to take a little longer than people expected. But I do not know exactly how long."