Guild Wars 2 answers question What happens when you die?

Written by Luke Ponio    Thursday, 08 July 2010 13:05

What happens when you Guild Wars 2? Normally in MMORPG's when you die you have to run back to your corpse from a graveyard or be resurrected by a healer class. Sometimes you lose experience, currency, or equipment. Since Guild Wars 2 has no dedicated healing class to extend a player's life, it will take a page from Modern Warfare's book and introduce a "Last Stand" element which is a state you enter when you die. In this state you can use only four skills to try and destroy your opponents. One skill is usable by all classes while three are class-specific.

Guild Wars 2 Downed State

If you can take out your attacker before the consciousness meter runs out then you will spring back to life. If you fail, you have to wait for someone to resurrect you or revive at a waypoint for a price. Any class can use a resurrect spell.

Healing classes aren't the only MMO mainstay that Guild Wars 2 is doing away with. Gone are the days of being led by a sole main tank or freaking out about being #1 on DPS meters. Roles in Guild Wars 2 are aligned along damage, support, and control roles rather than the traditional DPS, healer, and tank trinity. Every player will be able to do every role which makes looking for groups much easier and more dynamic.