Kinect not usable sitting down?

Written by Luke Ponio    Friday, 18 June 2010 16:04

Microsoft KinectOne thing that is attractive about the Nintendo Wiimote design is that you can sit on your couch and pretend like you are being active while playing games the same way you would if you were standing up. Reports from people who have used Microsoft's Kinect device are saying that you won't be able to use it while sitting down. According to Microsoft, this is false and you will be able to use the Kinect while sitting down. Developers are saying that you can't. It is an issue surrounded in contradictory information. Unfortunately no one at E3 was able to bring a chair with them to test out Microsoft's claim. Until we get an official statement from Microsoft or people get their hands on review samples, we probably won't know how well it works or if it works at all. I know that I for one don't want to have to stand up to browse through the menu systems or play long-winded RPGs. My television isn't at eye level for standing and it would be a strain on my neck.