Dell to offer AMD based notebooks

Written by Luke    Tuesday, 08 August 2006 07:11

Dell Rumors have been circulating about Dell offering AMD chips in their consumer lines ever since Dell announced that they would use AMD chips in their four-way servers back in May. The first confirmation of these rumors has come. ZDNet Asia is reporting that a Dell executive, declining to be named, has told them that Dell has AMD notebook products in the works. He said it was "not a big deal" yet confirmed that consumer models sporting a 15.4" screen with AMD processors would be shipping by years end.

Has hell frozen over? Intel's deals were not enough to keep AMD out forever I guess. Dell apparently says that market demand has forced them to offer AMD chips in their products. I am a bit puzzled with Dell's decision to release notebook products first. AMD has never had the advantage on Intel in the notebook market. Intel has had quite a strong showing of chips lately, with the Core Duo for notebooks and Core 2 Duo on the desktop. I am surprised Dell is not holding off a little while longer. It would have made more sense to release AMD products when they were stomping Intel. In any case, this is a big win for AMD. Hopefully it is a big win for consumers too. We shall see.