AMD NOT dropping ATI brand names

Written by Luke    Tuesday, 08 August 2006 06:48

Rumors are like rollercoasters, one second they are at the top and the next they come crashing down to earth. The rumor that I posted yesterday regarding ATI's brand name was proven false today. I guess this goes to show, that even if a source has a credible statement by an employee, it is all in how you interpret their words. In the case of CustomPC, they assumed that since AMD said that AMD would remain AMD, that the ATI brand would be dropped cold turkey.

'AMD has no plans to drop the ATi brand name or ATi's product brands. The ATi name will live on at AMD as our leading consumer brand, and so will the Radeon brand and other ATi product brands. AMD's executive management knows very well the power and value of branding, and ATi's branding is some of the most valued in the global technology industry.'

Thankfully, Arstechnica got to the bottom of this rumor and corrected it with another statement from AMD. This one was far more clear. AMD has no intention of dropping the ATI brand. We will continue to have our ATI vs. Nvidia wars. It did seem awfully silly to drop a brand name that has had so much money poured into it.