AMD ATI merger official

Written by Luke    Thursday, 27 July 2006 14:44

I guess it is time to report on this whole AMD ATI deal that I posted about last Friday. If you have been sleeping under a rock or just haven't kept up to date this week like me (video games are the bane of all productivity) then you missed the news that the buyout is official. Although it needs to go through shareholder approval and all those typical things that happen in a takeover, it is pretty much a done deal. Branding strategy won't be announced until Q4 when the merger is complete. As far as what happens to the guys in charge, AMD had this to say in their press release:

AMD’s current executive team will be complemented by the addition of ATI President and CEO Dave Orton. Orton will serve as an executive vice president of the ATI business division, reporting to the AMD Office of the CEO, comprised of Chairman and CEO Hector Ruiz and President and Chief Operating Officer Dirk Meyer. In addition, under the terms of the acquisition agreement, two ATI directors will join AMD’s board of directors upon closing of the transaction.

There were some quick rumors that Intel decided not to renew ATI's chipset license for next year, those have been refuted. Also, AMD/ATI has said that they will continue to stay committed to the Intel platform. What implications will this have on Nvidia's business? It is all speculation until we really start seeing the integration between AMD and ATI at the end of this year.