Not a good day for pirated Windows XP resellers

Written by Luke    Tuesday, 18 July 2006 14:27

Microsoft said Tuesday that it filed 26 lawsuits against companies that were allegedly selling pirated copies of Microsoft Windows XP. This is part of a crack down on people profiting from piracy.

The lawsuits, filed in Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Ohio and South Carolina, allege that the computer resellers pirated software or installed unlicensed software on computers they sold, Microsoft said.

Could WGA (Windows Genuine Advantage) be a contributing factor to this round-up? In my opinion, it is plausible that it had an impact. This also shows what really is hurting Microsoft is not the kid in his parents basement downloading the latest Windows version from a torrent, rather it is companies actually profiting from the sale of illegal software.