Optimus Mini-Three Almost Ready

Written by Luke    Monday, 17 July 2006 07:51

If you haven't heard of the Optimus, it is a keyboard that has an OLED screen in each key. This allows the user to have custom static images and even animated images. Some examples of the use were shown with profiles for Quake and Photoshop. It has been just over a year since the design was proposed. You won't be able to buy until later this year.

But the keyboard isn't what this piece of news is about. So why the heck did I just spend a paragraph talking about it? Well, the creator's of the Optimus Keyboard also designed another peripheral called the Optimus Mini-Three which has just 3 OLED buttons. This can be used for tasks like displaying computer stats, displaying current song, email updates, etc.... It is kind of like those LED screen case mods, except this one looks hotter and has more functions. You can also use the 3 buttons as actual buttons for launching programs.

I'm still questioning how much I would use a product like this, but if you have $120 to burn then you can pre-order one now. If you don't pre-order then it will cost you a cool $160...for a 3 button keyboard accessory. But hey, it is pretty innovative and it comes in silver or black.

Shipment date is September 1 in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Latvia, and Lithuania and the rest of the world on August 15, 2006. Pre-order is available until August 1st.