No Reverse-Hyper-Threading for AMD

Written by Luke    Monday, 17 July 2006 06:00

Rumors have been spreading in the past couple months about a technology called "reverse-Hyper-Threading". A site called X86-secret first mentioned the technology on April 9th. They reported that the next AMD K10 chip would include the reverse-Hyper-Threading technology. They described it as an “emulation [of a] single virtual processor with two (or several) physical processors”.

Well those rumors have been dispelled it seems. According to sources close to AMD, X-bit labs now claims that the rumors were false and AMD has no such technology in development.

Sources with knowledge of the matter told X-bit labs that no technology, which is widely referred to as “reverse-Hyper-Threading” is available in Advanced Micro Devices modern central processing units (CPUs). The information about appropriate technologies is claimed to be “misunderstanding”.

Of course, there was no official comment from AMD, but X-bit labs is pretty reliable in my opinion. It would be nice if they were wrong about this one but hopefully AMD has something else up its sleeve.