Google Cures User's Headache

Written by Luke    Sunday, 16 July 2006 17:40

I thought I would post something new for you guys to read other than the standard boring welcome message.

Something humurous I stumbled upon in my late night browsing was from a guy named Al who posted an article about Google's feature additions to Google Adwords and how they are so frequent that they give him headaches. At the end of the post he asked Google to send him some acetaminophen.

O.K. "Googler's," I will try to keep up with your changes and try to help others use your new features, tools, and formats through articles and step by step guides, but I want some acetaminophen. Please send it to ....

The funny part came several days later when Al found a pack of acetaminophen on his desk with a hand-written note from Google that said:

Dear Al,

I hope this helps you keep up with the many Adwords changes.

PS – You are reading the Inside Adwords Blog, right?

For the naysayers, Al posted a picture of the pack of pills and the note. Not many places have a working atmosphere or PR department that would encourage things like that. It was a good move for PR though as it got picked up by some big news sites.

Anyway, that is just something I thought was worth sharing. I'll try to get some new posts up more often.