Dropbox Adds Two-step Authentication Feature

Written by John Ponio    Monday, 27 August 2012 10:17

Dropbox Logo

Security is a big concern with cloud storage. As anything over the internet is not 100% secure, you never know who is intercepting what. While getting username and passwords from one-time logins over the internet is extremely difficult, it's still very possible. This is a problem because if a cloud storage account is compromised, lots of potentially sensitive data is exposed. To add even more security to cloud storage, Dropbox has recently added a new two-factor authentication feature. The two factors in play are your user name/password, and a short code sent via SMS to your cell phone. The code expires in about a minute, so there's no risk of someone finding the code and being able to use it in the future. If your phone gets lost, stolen, broken, or anything of the sort, there are 16-digit backup codes that can be used to log in instead of the code sent via SMS. Client version 1.5.12 is required for this, but that's an easy install. You can download the client here, and make sure to enable the new security feature in Dropbox's security tab.