Microsoft Announces SkyDrive is Out of Preview with New Features

Written by John Ponio    Tuesday, 14 August 2012 16:14

Microsoft SkyDrive Logo

Microsoft cloud-storage product SkyDrive has been in preview for quite a while now. I've used it here and there, and it works the same as DropBox or worked, for me at least. It was only in its preview stage, though, but soon that will change. Microsoft today announced "a new modern" There are a bunch of new features, including Office integration.

Microsoft SkyDrive

Starting off, Microsoft revamped the website. It now looks much more whatever-the-new-word-for-Metro-is, which is a nice touch showing that Microsoft is trying to bring unity to all of their services. Microsoft has added an instant-search feature which will also search your Office documents that are in the cloud. Aside from the new look and search, there are a lot of smaller features that were added to make using the service easier. One simple new feature in that category is sort options. You can now sort by name, date created, date modified, and size, and have those results be either ascending or descending.

Also announced are PC and Mac desktop applications for SkyDrive which are supposed to have faster upload speeds than before. One feature many have asked for but isn't quite ready is a way to only sync specific folders in the SkyDrive folder. Microsoft is working on that, so it won't be included in this update. Speaking of clients, there will an Android client soon. 

All this stuff is rolling out over the next 24 hours. Read the full announcement here.