How Well do SSD Cache Drives Perform?

Written by John Ponio    Wednesday, 08 August 2012 16:48

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For a while now, SSD cache drives have been gaining in popularity. They offer much better performance than traditional HDDs, but because you don't need as big of a drive, it's cheaper per gigabyte to couple a cache SSD and an HDD than buying an SSD. But how good are they? Well, Joel Hruska over at ExtremeTech decided to see just how good they are, and see which cache-system is better between Intel's SRT and Nvelo's Dataplex. Well, the results were quite astonishing. Between the two, they're about the same. Some perform better at one task while the other performs better at a different one. What's most surprising about his benchmarks is how the HDD+Cache SSD compare to a real SSD. And SSD is still faster, but the HDD+Cache SSD get pretty close to the same performance. You can read the full article here