The Bill Gates MS-DOS Mystery Solved

Written by John Ponio    Tuesday, 07 August 2012 17:18


Ever since IBM started looking to make personal computers in 1980, there has been controversy over whether or not Bill Gates, the famed founder of Microsoft, had stolen MS-DOS from another popular OS from the time, Control Program/Monitor (CP/M). Everyone has had their own theory of how everything went down, but there's a theory that Bill Gates stole CP/M from Gary Kildall and made it into MS-DOS for IBM's personal computer, where Bill Gates' career took off. Kildall started taking the copyright infringement it to court, but when he actually had to prove it in court he stopped the suit. Ever since then no proof either way has come out, until now. Thanks to the president and founder of Zeidman Consulting, Bob Zeidman, we now know that MS-DOS was not stolen, but it was within Bill Gates' legal rights to license. Using a program called CodeSuite, made by one of Zeidman's companies, he was able to forensically determine that MS-DOS was not copied from CP/M. For the whole back-story and how he determined what he did, read the article onĀ