NajmTek U-Book Uses Multitouch Screen for Keyboard

Written by John Ponio    Monday, 06 August 2012 14:09

NajmTek U-Book

This is something I'm sure we've all thought of: a multitouch screen on a laptop instead of a keyboard. Well, it looks like a company called NajmTek ("najm" means "star" in Arabic) is taking that idea and putting it into a product. The so-called U-Book, U for Universal, will have a customizable, programmable high-resolution miltitouch screen where its regular keyboard should be. The advantage of using a screen instead of a physical keyboard is that keyboard types and languages can be switched out on the fly, it can be customized for specific tasks like programming, and other functions can be displayed such as a DJ mixing board. One other notable benefit is the use of a stylus, so the whole screen can be turned into a writing pad. The SDK for the screen will be publicly available, so anyone can make their own ideas come to life. The hardware the laptop will be using hasn't been released yet, but we do know that it will come with Linux or Windows 8 (your choice), multi-core processors coupled with NVIDIA GPUs (NajmTek is working closely with NVIDIA on this), a "variety of ports," a webcam and microphone, and a "large hard drive." Go to the U-Books webpage here, and read NVIDIA's summary of the laptop here.