Lenovo to Releases Carbon Fiber ThinkPad Ultrabook

Written by John Ponio    Monday, 06 August 2012 13:48

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the ThinkPad, Lenovo today announced the lightest 14" ultrabook ever: the ThinkPad X1 Carbon. Coming in at just 1.36KG (just under 3LB) thanks to its carbon-fiber body, this ultrabook is pretty crazy. Specifications haven't been released as of yet, but we do know that there will be an embedded 3G radio and rapid charge (charges the battery to 80% in 35 minutes). Even though it's so light, battery life is still expected to be around 8 hours. Hopefully the rest of the hardware doesn't suffer for it. The product page can be found here, and you can read a little more about Lenovo and the ThinkPad series here.