Jim Keller of Apple Fame Goes Back to AMD

Written by John Ponio    Wednesday, 01 August 2012 11:28

AMD Logo

Jim Keller, who is most popular for leading the team that designed the processors inside of Apple's iPads and iPhones, is moving back to AMD after a long run from company to company. Years ago he worked for AMD, leading the team that designed AMD's Althon 64 and Opteron 64 processors. After that, he went on to SiByte and Broadcom designing networking SoC's. From there, he went on to a company called P.A. Semi, which was bought out by Apple in 2008. That company is the one that designed the processors for Apple's gadgets. At AMD he will become corporate vice president and chief architect of AMD's microprocessors cores. He will yet again be leading a team, but this time the team will be focusing on making AMD's processors use less power but have better performance.