Star Wars: The Old Republic to go Free to Play

Written by John Ponio    Wednesday, 01 August 2012 11:10

Star Wars: The Old Republic Logo

It seems like more and more game companies are seeing the benefits of a free-to-play business model. RecentlyEA said they're eventually going to be all free-to-play, Valve seems to like the model with TF2, and League of Legends is a very popular game. Console-gamer friends of mine even started playing LoL. In a recent announcement, it looks like Star Wars: The Old Republic is now going free-to-play. Starting in November, players will be able to level their characters to 50, with only some game features unavailable.

With the change will come a new in-game currency called Cartel Coins, which can be purchased for real-world money and used for in-game features and items. If you are paying the $14.99 subscription, you will receive a monthly allowance of these coins, as well as complete access to all the game (as opposed to the restrictions placed on free-to-play users). There's word on when in November the change will take place, but I'll keep you post. Read more here.