Google Releases Details on Kansas City Gigabit Broadband

Written by John Ponio    Thursday, 26 July 2012 15:41

Google Logo

Remember a year ago in March when everything in the news was about Google rolling out fiber optic cable? Well, since then there hasn't been much news about what Google has been doing with it. Recently, though, Google announced how everything is going to work out with pricing and with rolling out their fiber optic network to new areas. Standalone internet service from Google's fiber optic network will cost $70, or you can get a TV bundle for $120. If you need a slower than a gigabit, which is understandable, you can get the service for free but you have to pay a $300 connection fee. No word on what exactly the slower speed is, though. If you want Google to roll out their network in your area, you've got to get enough of your neighbors to agree to changing over to Google as an ISP and they'll put it in. Because Google doesn't have to follow the same laws as companies like Comcast and Time Warner have to in regards to where they have their network, Google can choose where they put their network. This allows them to make more profit out of it, because they only have to work on infrastructure in places where they know they'll get paid for it. Sadly, there's no announcement of when the service will officially launch. 

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