AMD's Bob Feldstein Now Works for NVIDIA

Written by John Ponio    Tuesday, 24 July 2012 13:58


The man who has been claimed to be responsible for AMD's success in the console market has jumped ship and has been working for NVIDIA since July 13. Bob Feldstein used to work for ATI, but after ATI was bought by AMD, he became the Vice President in Charge of Business and Development at AMD. Since the merger, he worked hard to make sure AMD's technology was put into the last generation of consoles. On the new generation that's coming out, so far only Nintendo's WiiU has been confirmed to be using AMD chips. With Feldstein now working for NVIDIA, who knows what's going to happen with rest of the consoles. It's a little late in the development cycle to change, but nothing has been confirmed yet. It was not released why Feldstein changed companies to AMD's rival NVIDIA, but the job switch has been confirmed by NVIDIA. What Feldstein will be doing at NVIDIA is also not known. Read more on it here.