WebApps for Ubuntu Announced

Written by John Ponio    Friday, 20 July 2012 15:13

Canonical Logo

Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, has recently announced a new feature for the OS: WebApps. These aren't your regular webapps, though, that just sit in your browser. These will run from the web but be able to be more meshed with the rest of the operating system. Examples would be things like Last.FM controls inside of the music player, GMail notifications in the regular notification area, things like that. They'll also be able to be meshed with Ubuntu's HUD UI, which is the thing where you type commands instead of digging through menus. So far there are 40 apps ready to go, and the API is open so anyone can make their own. Worried about security? You have to personally authorize the webapp in order for it to work as described. The feature will come out with Ubuntu 12.10, expected in October, and there will be an add-on for 12.04 LTS (long-term support).