Touchscreen and Convertible Ultrabooks in the Works

Written by John Ponio    Wednesday, 18 July 2012 15:18

Intel Logo

'Intel CEO Paul Otellini recently had a meeting with various journalists and analysts concerning Q2 2012's numbers. In the meeting, he said that there are currently 140 different ultrabook designs in the works from various OEMs. Surprisingly, 40 of those 140 designs will feature touchscreens, and 12 of those 140 will be convertible (meaning that you can switch between it being a tablet and it being a laptop). Sale in Q2 2012 were as expected, and Otellini is confident that ultrabooks will account for 40% of laptop sales by the end of the year. It also looks like pricing is going in line to bring ultrabooks under $600, even with Intel not dropping processor prices for OEMs making ultrabooks. It seems like Intel is almost shooting themself in the foot by keep processors at regular prices, but at least they're still making money. Read more on it here.