FishPi Will Make Raspberry Pi Cross the Atlantic

Written by John Ponio    Wednesday, 27 June 2012 15:50

FishPi Proof of Concept Vehicle

Ever wonder what you could do with a Raspberry Pi? Of course, there's always the option of throwing Fedora on it and using it for an HTPC. But what about something more.. unique? Well, that's where FishPi comes in. It's a project that will use a Raspberry Pi to autonomously navigate a solar-powered boat across the Atlantic Ocean. Right now they're still in the testing stages, and currently they're working on a battery-powered Proof of Concept Vehicle (PoVC for an acronym; pictured above).

The team will hook up all sorts of things to a Raspberry Pi, including a GPS unit, a rotor with a Kort Nozzle, a servo to direct the rotor, a compass, a webcam, and more. The list of hardware for the PoVC, taken from FishPi's website, is below:

You can read more about the project on the Raspberry Pi blog or on the FishPi website