Sandy Bridge to Start Being Phased Out in September

Written by John Ponio    Tuesday, 12 June 2012 15:22

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With the release of Intel's Ivy Bridge platform, pretty much every major laptop manufacturer has started gearing up for selling laptops with those processors inside of them. Now, according to "sources from notebook players," Ivy Bridge's predecessor Sandy Bridge will start being phased out in September. They hope to capitalize on Ivy Bridge with the back-to-school crowd, hoping that the phasing out will encourage more people to by Ivy Bridge.

Intel expects to see Ivy Bridge processors on the market starting on June 24, and from there we'll see what happens. Shipments in the first two quarters are expected to increase by 50% over shipments made in the first two quarters after Sandy Bridge launched. Prices for Ivy Bridge are expected to drop to Sandy Bridge levels in September, which will help adoption. Intel will continue shipping Sandy Bridge through September, but after September the phase-out will start.