VIA's APC Goes up for Pre-order

Written by John Ponio    Tuesday, 12 June 2012 15:04


Back in May, VIA announced a $49 Raspberry-Pi-esque Android-powered computer. There wasn't any word on availability, now there is. Pre-orders are up, sort of. They sold out almost immediately. They're hoping to start shipping in early July, which is earlier than I was expecting. Apparently subscribers were supposed to be notified of the pre-order availability, but I never received an e-mail (just checked to make sure I was subscribed, and I was). Not sure what was up with that, but hopefully those of you who subscribed faired better. If you want to learn more about VIA's APC, as well as see more pictures, check out this article. The APC pre-order page can be found here, and a short blog post about the pre-orders can be read here