Netflix Announces Open Connect

Written by John Ponio    Wednesday, 06 June 2012 17:14

Netflix Logo

A big problem Netflix has been having lately is with how they deliver their data, movies and TV shows, to end-users. The way it usually ways is that they pay for a certain amount of data to be transferred through a content delivery network, or CDN, which brings the data directly to the ISPs. With how many terabytes of information Netflix transfers, this can add up to quite the hefty bill. Well, Netflix is working on overcoming that problem, and they announced recently their very own CDN called Open Connect. Not only will this allow ISPs to have the data delivered wherever they want it at no cost to them, but Open Connect is making their software open source and giving the public the hardware design information.

If you want to read the official blog post about that, it's here. The Open Connect website can be viewed here.  On it, there is a FAQ list, Peering Information, Location Information, Hardware Design, Software Design, a Deployment Guide (pdf), and a page for ISP Inquiry