Sony Unveils New Vaio Line of Laptops, Releases Ultrabook

Written by John Ponio    Monday, 04 June 2012 16:28

Sony Vaio Logo

About a month ago, Sony announced that they'd be releasing an ultrabook, and the expected launch date was in early June. Today, Sony unveiled their new line of Vaio laptops, including the T series ultrabook. The specifications launched back in May are about the same, although the released T series uses Ivy Bridge processors instead of Sandy Bridge.

Aside from the T ultrabook series, there are upgrades to the E, S, Z, and L (all-in-one) series computers. The ultrabook you already know about, so I'll go on to the E, S, A, and L series. The E series is the "Daimond Edge Excellence" series. It comes in 11.6in, 14in, and 15.5in models. The 14in and 15.5in models come with backlit keyboard and second or third generation Intel Core processors, and the 11.6in model has an AMD processor. All have Radeon graphics, it looks like. Storage will come by way of either an SSD or a hybrid drive. The chassis are made out of magnesium and brushed aluminum. Ports are the following: two USB ports (with that special charging feature for mobile devices), HDMI® out, VGA, ethernet, and a Memory Stick® and SD card reader.

The Vaio S series' chassis is made out of carbon fiber, magnesium, and aluminum. There are two sizes, a 13.3in model and a 15.5in model. Both offer optional NVIDIA mobile graphics with up to 2GB of VRAM. Processor choices are good, with the ability to get Core i7 Ivy Bridge processors if you want to pay for it. Other features include a backlit keyboard, SSD or HDD options, QUAD RAID 0 options (for both the 13.3in and 15.5in models), and a 1920x1050 IPS display on the 15in model. Surprisingly, the screens on both models have "enhanced scratch resistance and anti-reflective coating to minimize glare." They don't state it specifically, but that makes it sound like it's not a glossy display. 

The Vaio Z series' chassis is all carbon-fiber, which brings its 13.3in frame to just 2.6lbs. There are RAID and Ivy Bridge options available, and this laptop is apparently "the fastest notebook ever from Sony." The display is a 1080p display, which is a nice touch for its 13.3in frame. 

The Vaio L series is an all-in-one computer that offers a 24in, LED-backlit, touchscreen display for playing movies, browsing the web, and pretty much anything else you'd do on a computer. It has a Blu-ray drive in it, as well as options for 1TB, 2TB, or up to 3TB of data storage. Because it's essentially a TV with a computer in it (or the other way around?), it has quite a big array of ports. The icing on the cake is the RF remote, because everyone loves RF remotes. Ports include: HDMI in and out, composite in, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0, RF remote, 4-pin iLink, and more. NVIDIA graphics are optional for this computer. A glasses-free 3D model will be released late summer of 2012. 

These are all available now, and you can see all the prices and options at the Sony store. You can read the announcement, which has a little more than you just read (like information on docking stations and sheet batteries), here Although they're all pretty much standard upgrades, they don't look like bad laptops. Hopefully the reviews will tell the same story.