Windows 8 Release Preview Launched

Written by John Ponio    Thursday, 31 May 2012 13:17

Windows 8 Logo

Finally, a day before the rumored time frame, the Windows 8 Release Preview has been launched. This includes quite a few updates from the previous Developer and Consumer previews, such as an updated desktop theme and more features working. There may be a few changes and updates to the build between now and RTM (release-to-manufacturing), but this should give you a good idea what the final product will be like.

Right away, you should start your download. I would recommend using an .iso to install it, instead of upgrading. You can download those for 32bit or 64bit here. For upgrading, head on over here.

From now until the release, Microsoft will continue to work on improving Windows 8. The next major milestone is RTM (release-to-manufacturing), where Windows 8 is sent out to OEMs so they can get system images set up for all of their computers. There's no word on how long that will take, as it really depends on the bugs found in Windows 8 and how hard they are to fix. From there, Windows 8 will be released to everyone. To read the full timeline of what's next, read the launch blog post