OCZ Releases "Value-Conscious" Agility 4 SSDs

Written by John Ponio    Wednesday, 30 May 2012 15:44

OCZ Logo

OCZ has recently launched their "value-conscious" Agility 4 series of SSDs, bringing high performance to a price point just above $1/gigabyte. Performance wise, you can expect around 300-400MB/s sequential reads (depending on the size of the drive that you buy) and around 200-400MB/s sequential writes (again, depending on the size of the SSD). Random 4k read IOPS range from 46,000 to 58,000, and random 4k write IOPS range from 47,0000 to 85,0000. With sequential read/write, the bigger the drive is, the better your performance will be. With IOPS, however, it changes with each drive.

Ryan Petersen, CEO of OCZ Technology, said, "For mainstream storage applications, there is no product better suited in the industry than our Agility 4 SSDs, providing the ultimate in access speed, application performance, endurance and reliability, at price points that most cost-conscious users will find appealing. As mobile users and applications continue to grow, adding to the deluge of data being generated on a daily basis, our Agility 4 SSD series provide great IOPS performance at a reasonable price enabling the user experience to be heightened especially for video streaming, music, photos, gaming, and online transaction processing (OLTP)."

With the addition of the Indilinx Everest 2 controller, the drive doesn't seem half bad. Sure, it may not be top of the line, but it's a heck of a lot faster than a traditional HDD. You can see the product page here, and read the press release here. Links to places to buy the drive can be found on the product paged, linked above.