The Cost of PC Gaming

Written by John Ponio    Tuesday, 29 May 2012 14:45

PC Gaming

With every new generation of consoles comes a debate about the cost of PC gaming vs the cost of console gaming. It eventually boils down to performance and price, in which the PC loses in price but wins by far in performance. Well, here's a cost that not many consider: the cost of electricity. A recent article by a company that does a lot in terms of using less electricity in the IT world shows just how much it costs to be a PC gamer, in terms of electricity cost.


The article shows the cost, using $0.11/KWH, of playing a game for an hour, letting their computers sit idle, putting their computers to sleep, and shutting their computer off. While they say their computers are "decent enough," they don't give actual specifications. What that means is take this with a grain of salt. They used two different computers in this test. To play for 20 hours a week, the two computers cost them $30.83 a year and $18.04 a year just with playing-time. It sounds like a bit, but considering that it's spread over a year that's not actually that bad. The surprising thing was how much money you can save by turning off your computer over letting it idle. Read the whole article here.